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Do kids really need their ‘own space’?

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It can be a somewhat confusing concept thinking of our little ones starting to need their own space. From being tiny, they have been heavily reliant on us and have wanted to be in our company all the time – although we may love this and enjoy spending as much time as possible with our babies, as our children grow, it is natural for them to want to explore a little on their own too.

Without giving our children the space to be independent and play by themselves occasionally, we might actually be stifling their imaginations and their ability to grow and develop socially.

So, why do kids need their own space, and how can we foster and facilitate this for them inside our homes?

Create a space they can call their own

Children need a space to call their own within the family home. If you have a larger family, it may be difficult to give every one of your children their own bedroom, but the great news is that they don’t need to have their own bedroom to have their own space. While a private bedroom is ideal, a playroom, conservatory or just a part of the house they can go to with their toys alone to imaginatively play will work just as well.

Having a room or place of their own will give your child the ability to keep their precious belongings safe. Whether this is keeping a lego creation mid-build safe from the prying hands of a younger sibling or just looking after an object because it is loved, having space means that our children get used to their own company. This can help them develop listening skills and often make them more relaxed as they are comfortable managing their thoughts and feelings.

Privacy becomes more important the older our children get. When we facilitate time and space for our little ones, they can better express themselves without being constantly watched and monitored. When children are allowed to be alone, their imaginations can flourish, and all kinds of fascinating products can emerge.

Getting used to playing alone and being imaginative is essential for our children’s personal development, learning, self-discovery and cultivating a natural curiosity for exploration. So, try to create your child their own little sanctuary with their very own belongings can help to make the space really feel like theirs and theirs alone.

Give them a place to feel proud of

We’ve looked at why it’s important that children have space and privacy, but it’s also important that this place is one they can feel proud of.

When we are considering children’s bedroom ideas, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to colours and prints. It’s a brilliant idea to include your child in this process to give them some independence and to make them feel like the room really belongs to them. At Just4kidz we have a huge range of gorgeous designs your little one will love, and you can come to a decision about their bedroom decor together!

When our children love their bedrooms or personal space, it helps to foster good habits of cleaning up and keeping their area tidy. If you want to teach your child what responsibility is, one of the best ways is to give them their room and make sure that they take care of it, keep it tidy and help to clean it too.

Letting your children invite their friends round and allowing them some unsupervised play in this safe space is a great idea. Of course, we can be within a close distance in case of emergencies, but this time alone with their peers helps them learn how to be a good ‘host’ and to be courteous and kind and to share. Giving our children space they love to be in, and one they feel proud to have their friends around to play in will help to ensure that your child gets on with their peers – not just with you.  

Allow your child quiet time

If you have a child under 10, it’s fair to say you’ve probably lived through your fair share of temper-tantrums. While this behaviour is a totally normal phase for our children to go through, having a quiet place for them to retreat to is an excellent way of helping them to manage their behaviours. Especially if fights or arguments break out between siblings, a room to retreat to is a big benefit for your child to process their anger and calm down.

It’s not just important to have quiet time when our children are feeling angry or upset though. Invisible supervision and a more passive parental presence in the home gives our children the opportunity to enjoy some peace, quiet and alone time. This can be a brilliant way to foster healthy play and reading habits as our children enjoy their own company and are used to finding ways to keep themselves busy.

The reality is, growing up isn’t always easy for our children. No matter their age, our children are continually encountering new challenges. This might be at nursery, at school, or in the home. It’s a lot to take on when they are learning about the world around them and so having a quiet place to go to can be really helpful for them to process everything they are learning.

Giving our children a cosy space to relax in alone can really help too. We have a range of quality, handmade furniture that is designed specially, just for kids (as our name implies). From soft, comfy sofas, to bean bags, tub chairs and more you can give your child the gift of choosing their very own favourite print and furniture item to relax on when they are enjoying some much-needed space of their own.
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