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When “Made in Britain” really is “Made in Britain”

Many websites, shops and manufacturers state that the products they sell are British made. They buy from UK based companies and pass on their suppliers products and promises, but do they know everything about the product and its component parts?

Here at Just4kidz when we say our products are British Made it’s a claim that we can make with 100% certainty. This is because every item that we sell on the Just4kidz website is made by us in our 2 UK factories. Based in Staffordshire and Cheshire our factories design and manufacture the Just4kidz range from start to finish.

We make the frame, cut, sew and upholster and finally despatch your new piece of furniture.  We source our raw materials, such as wood, fibre and foam from Britain and have our own range of exclusively designed fabrics.

So when you buy from Just4kidz you can be confident that the lovely new piece of furniture you have invested in will be built with British quality that will last.