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How to Add Style to Your Home with our Signature Loose-cover Chair

Little people aren’t built for big chairs, so at Just4Kids we’ve designed our loose-cover chair, which is perfect for small children. With a robust build and a vast array of designs to choose from, this comfy chair can quickly become a stylish addition to any child’s bedroom or playroom. We wanted to create something useful and beautiful, making homework time more relaxing and reading more fun. Built to last through the years, you can even buy a replacement cover to change the style as your little ones grow and their rooms change.

Read on to learn more about our loose-cover chair and the stylish benefits it can bring to your home. You can even learn how they are easily washed, how it’s perfect for little people with dirty hands, and why it’s the ideal investment for your children.

Massive Range of Designs for Everyone

Our loose-cover chair is a perfect fit for any child as we offer a vast range of designs to suit any personality or decor. The gorgeous fabrics are detailed, from woodland designs to circus illustrations and even farmyards and toy trucks. This makes it easy to find something to blend well with your kid’s room, as well as the downstairs decor too, so it never seems out of place.

The chairs come fully assembled in your choice of fabric and are built to last. We’ve had people come to us who bought their chair a decade ago and only need a new cover. Many of our customers have purchased a chair for their first-born child and years later buy a different fabric cover for their new addition. They are an investment for your family as they are such high quality they can be passed down to other children.  Plus when you need a replacement cover, whether that’s due to it no longer fitting your decor or you’ve had a new child, you can easily order one from our website so that your chair always fits in and looks fantastic.

Their Own Special Chair

Not only will you add style to your home with these comfy chairs for kids, but you can also give your child their own special space. This is perfect for children who are at that age where they are trying to climb onto couches or seats that are too high for them and causing themselves injury if they fall. Our loose-cover chairs are designed to be the ideal size for young children – helping to keep them safe and happy.

Small children can be adventurous and leave a trail of dirt, chocolate and crumbs in their wake. The fantastic thing about this chair is that as it’s designed for kids, the loose cover is both removable and washable. This allows you to hand-wash it at a low temperature, iron it and pop it back on! Curious little hands don’t stay clean all day long, so having a way to wipe away the chocolate stains or pen marks is necessary.

Works Perfectly in a Playroom

A playroom is a haven for any child no matter their age; it gives them somewhere to go to play and create, giving busy parents time to sort out the housework or cooking while their kid is somewhere safe. You can add style to your child’s playroom with our loose-cover chair as we have a wide range of designs that will match any decor, whether it’s fairies or jungle animals.

A playroom can also be where your child reads and does their school work. As the chair is designed for young children, it is the perfect size for them to sit down and still have room to read or draw, and it is so comfy they won’t even complain about doing their spellings!

If you want to see our full range of children’s furniture, then head to the website here. Our loose-cover chair is one of our most popular signature pieces, and we are proud to be made in Britain. Treat your little one and invest in a chair that will last throughout their childhood and can even be passed down to your future children!

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Our Furniture Stands the Test of Time

Child holding clock with orange background

There’s nothing worse than buying a piece of furniture thinking it will last for years and then having to replace it months later. We all want the best quality for our kids, as well as something safe for them to use daily. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice longevity for the price, so at Just4Kids we’ve designed furniture that not only stands the test of time but is also great value for money.

Read on to learn more about how our furniture is long-lasting and the perfect investment for your family. By purchasing from us, you can have furniture that lasts right through your little one’s childhood and can even be passed on to your future grandchildren.

Perfect Gift to Last Through the Generations

Our furniture is handmade by us in our UK factories to a very high standard to ensure that it will last for many years to come. For example, for our Loose Cover Sofa and Chairs, we use a solid wooden frame, soft, flame resistant and comfy foam cushions and the best and most beautiful fabrics that are exclusive to us. We don’t want you to buy cheap furniture that you have to replace in a year, or worse still, that doesn’t comply with British Safety Laws but instead, get something long-lasting that is safe, well-made and designed by experts.

Because all of our products are designed and built to last a long time, it makes them the perfect gift that can be passed down through the generations. You can give a new chair to your daughter and in twenty years see her own children using it. As we sell new replacement covers for the chairs, you can completely change the look of them whenever you need to, giving them a new lease of life when you or your children pass them on.

Ideal Investment for New Parents

As we pride ourselves on creating the highest-quality furniture, we only use the best materials and take extra care hand making each piece. This makes our range the ideal investment for couples who want to ensure that their little one has the best of the best. Our products can also be used for all of your future children as they are built to last. One of our customers, Rhiannon, said that her loose-cover chair “is amazing for my large family! I have three children, and all of them have loved it. My youngest was always trying to climb up the sofa to sit with the big kids, but now he has somewhere safe to sit. We like to change covers when we decorate his room too.”

You might not know precisely how many children you want or when you’d want another, but having a robust chair like this is a worthwhile investment as it can last decades. 

Perfect Gift for Expectant Families

Learning your friend or family member is expecting can be some of the best news you will receive all year. But then the baby shower invitations are sent, and you are lost trying to think of the perfect gift to get them. You consider clothes, but everyone gets those, and the baby grows out of them in no time. What about bibs and bottles? The parents will already have plenty. So what can you get? 

At Just4KidZ, we have a wide range of pieces that can make the perfect baby shower present for your loved one. Most people get things for a newborn; however, getting something that works for an older child can be a great present that lasts. Our furniture is built to last for years, and with a vast array of designs, you can find something that would be perfect for the expectant parents and their child. Our Toy Boxes come in a range of fabrics and are the ideal size for storing bulky toddler toys, making them a great addition to any child’s bedroom or playroom. They have an upholstered fabric cover and a sturdy build, and when closed, it also makes a fantastic seat! With young children in mind, all the toy boxes have soft closing gas struts and a cutaway on the front, so that the new parents have peace of mind when their kids are rifling through their toys.

If you want to see our full range of children’s furniture, then head to the website here. We have lots of long-lasting furniture for you to choose from such as our headboards, the bed in a bag and loose-cover chairs and sofas.

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Building a Bedroom Cleaning Routine for Children

Cleaning bedroom routine

Getting your little one to tidy their room is one of every parents’ greatest struggles. Most children act like they are allergic to chores, so trying to get them to do something in the morning before they go to school or nursery can be a challenging task. But, there are so many benefits to getting your children into a routine where they wake up and tidy their room, like increased independence, pride in their bedroom and creating a sense of teamwork between siblings. So, trying to convince them that chores aren’t that bad is essential!

If you are having a hard time getting your kids to keep their room tidy, then read on for our top 3 tips. By taking our advice, you can soon see a change in the way that your children perceive cleaning.

Create a routine for your children

Like most things in life, if you want something to stick, then it is best to create a routine. Over time, tidying up becomes less like a chore and more like a regular part of their day – the same as brushing their teeth or getting dressed. Children love routines without even realising it. They might cry and moan about having to brush their teeth and go to bed, but if they were left to sort themselves out at night, they’d feel lost. They love the routine we as parents create for them as it gives them a structure to their day – like a safety blanket.

Having your child tidy their room is just another routine that you can ease them into liking to benefit them long term. Asking them to make their bed and clean their room before they leave for school is a great way to make them feel more awake and get them active. It’s a good habit that will even benefit them at school as they won’t feel too tired or lazy to focus on their school work. Start by asking them to make their bed before adding smaller tasks every few days like cleaning their pyjamas away or putting any books they read during the night back in the bookcase. They might kick up a fuss at the start, but by making sure that they do this every day, you can help them to fall into a positive routine that will stay with them into adulthood.

Make it fun for them

An easy way to encourage your children to tidy their room is by making it more fun. This can be done in many different ways and can help your little ones to feel more independent. Create a chore chart that they can tick off as they tidy their room in the morning. Or you could colour code their cleaning and get them to sort all their green toys and blue toys separately to make the morning more fun.

If you have two or more children, you can work on their teamwork skills by getting them to clean together. You can bring a bit of healthy competition into the morning chores by having them work against the clock together to see who can make their beds the quickest. By having your kids work together, you can help smooth over any arguments or issues they have with each other and get them used to working and playing together.

Create a room your child can be proud of

A great way to encourage your children to tidy their room is to get them to take pride in it. By creating a bedroom that fits their personality, has excellent furniture and beautiful decor, your little ones will want to keep it clean and beautiful. Invest in long-lasting, gorgeous furniture that will not only match the decoration of the room but your child’s personality as well.

At Just4Kidz, we have a wide range of furniture perfect for boys and girls that come in several wonderful fabrics, ranging from woodland animals to fairies and racing cars. These pieces are built to last, whether it is our headboard, toy box or loose-cover chair. This means that they will last throughout their childhood, and can even be passed down to other children. As your little ones grow older, you can change the fabric on our loose cover furniture to match their new room, helping them to love their bedroom and inspiring them to keep it clean.

To learn more about our business and check out our children’s furniture, head over to our website here. Getting your kids to keep their room tidy can be a difficult task, but by using our top tips above, they can make it into a happy routine in no time.

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3 ways to encourage our children to keep their rooms tidy

3 ways to encourage our children to keep their rooms tidy

Anyone with children will know the never-ending struggle it can be to encourage them to keep their bedrooms and playrooms tidy. Replies of “I’ll do it in a minute” resound around the house and, when they eventually get around to it, their version of tidying might not quite match up to yours. Toys were thrown into a pile in the corner or piled up under the bed instead of neatly away as you’d like them might be a regular occurrence.

While there is no perfect ‘fix’ for turning your children into cleaning fairies, there are ways to make tidying seem like less of a chore to them and something that they can start to enjoy. It is important we teach our children from a young age the importance of looking after their belongings and taking pride in keeping their room tidy to help create good lifelong habits. This, in turn, should mean less nagging from you, a happier environment and a nice clean house.

So, how can we encourage our children to keep their rooms tidy?

Make it into a game

Children love playing games and they are generally much more receptive to getting involved if something is going to be fun. If you tidy together and set up little races to see who can put the most books back on the shelf most neatly you can encourage your child to enjoy tidying up.

You could ring a bell or play a song when they finish a certain task like making their bed and have something fun you do together at that moment – like a funny dance or a high-five. You could even set a timer for a particular chore and see if they can beat their last time at doing it. Anything that makes tidying a fun experience for them will help them form positive habits.

Make it fun for them

Children love playing games and they are generally much more receptive to getting involved if something is going to be fun. If you tidy together and set up little races to see who can put the most books back on the shelf most neatly you can encourage your child to enjoy tidying up.

You could ring a bell or play a song when they finish a certain task like making their bed and have something fun you do together at that moment – like a funny dance or a high-five. You could even set a timer for a particular chore and see if they can beat their last time at doing it. Anything that makes tidying a fun experience for them will help them form positive habits.

Make clear rewards and consequences

All the way through our lives we respond to rewards and consequences. This is something our little ones will have to get used to at school and in later life so it’s a great idea to have clear rules and boundaries laid out at home too.

Making a colourful checklist with a list of their individual chores is a great idea. You could draw little stick men or illustrations to remind them what each task means if they can’t yet read properly.

That way, they know that they have to make their bed, tidy their clothes away and put their books back on the shelf each morning or evening. If you can have a reward chart where they get a sticker or a star each time they complete a ‘tidy’ day and reward them at appropriate times, say each weekend, then it will help them to associate tidiness with rewards.

Similarly, if they refuse to tidy or haven’t done something, they don’t get the reward. It might be that for every toy you have to put back in the box, or every item of clothing left on the floor they lose a little bit of their playtime. Whatever the consequence and reward you choose, just make sure you stick with it.

Make them proud of their room

Most of us don’t love to clean. It’s probably not at the very top of our list of things we enjoy doing, but we just know that we have to do it. It always makes it easier to keep our homes tidy when we are proud of them.

Have you ever noticed that when you re-decorate a room, or even just get some new accessories you are much more keen to clean and keep that space tidy? Being proud of a space makes us want to look after it. It’s exactly the same for our children. If they love their bedrooms and playrooms they will be much more likely to want to look after them.
Letting our children have some choice in the design of their bedroom can be a great place to start. Giving them furniture they love and baskets, bookshelves and boxes to display their belongings and look after them will also encourage them to want to keep their bedroom looking its best.

If your little one has a mountain of toys, a Just4Kidz toy box might be just the thing you’re looking for. Not only can your child pick out their favourite colour and fabric from our unique designs and prints, but they will have a brand new space to put their toys and keep their bedroom looking ship shape.

The most important thing is to stay persistent and start small. At first, they may just clean their bookshelf, or half of their room well. If you keep on top of these 3 tips you will eventually have a little helper around the house who knows how to keep their things tidy!
Good luck! To browse our gorgeous range of toy boxes and children’s furniture just follow the link to our website here.