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How to Add Style to Your Home with our Signature Loose-cover Chair

Little people aren’t built for big chairs, so at Just4Kids we’ve designed our loose-cover chair, which is perfect for small children. With a robust build and a vast array of designs to choose from, this comfy chair can quickly become a stylish addition to any child’s bedroom or playroom. We wanted to create something useful and beautiful, making homework time more relaxing and reading more fun. Built to last through the years, you can even buy a replacement cover to change the style as your little ones grow and their rooms change.

Read on to learn more about our loose-cover chair and the stylish benefits it can bring to your home. You can even learn how they are easily washed, how it’s perfect for little people with dirty hands, and why it’s the ideal investment for your children.

Massive Range of Designs for Everyone

Our loose-cover chair is a perfect fit for any child as we offer a vast range of designs to suit any personality or decor. The gorgeous fabrics are detailed, from woodland designs to circus illustrations and even farmyards and toy trucks. This makes it easy to find something to blend well with your kid’s room, as well as the downstairs decor too, so it never seems out of place.

The chairs come fully assembled in your choice of fabric and are built to last. We’ve had people come to us who bought their chair a decade ago and only need a new cover. Many of our customers have purchased a chair for their first-born child and years later buy a different fabric cover for their new addition. They are an investment for your family as they are such high quality they can be passed down to other children.  Plus when you need a replacement cover, whether that’s due to it no longer fitting your decor or you’ve had a new child, you can easily order one from our website so that your chair always fits in and looks fantastic.

Their Own Special Chair

Not only will you add style to your home with these comfy chairs for kids, but you can also give your child their own special space. This is perfect for children who are at that age where they are trying to climb onto couches or seats that are too high for them and causing themselves injury if they fall. Our loose-cover chairs are designed to be the ideal size for young children – helping to keep them safe and happy.

Small children can be adventurous and leave a trail of dirt, chocolate and crumbs in their wake. The fantastic thing about this chair is that as it’s designed for kids, the loose cover is both removable and washable. This allows you to hand-wash it at a low temperature, iron it and pop it back on! Curious little hands don’t stay clean all day long, so having a way to wipe away the chocolate stains or pen marks is necessary.

Works Perfectly in a Playroom

A playroom is a haven for any child no matter their age; it gives them somewhere to go to play and create, giving busy parents time to sort out the housework or cooking while their kid is somewhere safe. You can add style to your child’s playroom with our loose-cover chair as we have a wide range of designs that will match any decor, whether it’s fairies or jungle animals.

A playroom can also be where your child reads and does their school work. As the chair is designed for young children, it is the perfect size for them to sit down and still have room to read or draw, and it is so comfy they won’t even complain about doing their spellings!

If you want to see our full range of children’s furniture, then head to the website here. Our loose-cover chair is one of our most popular signature pieces, and we are proud to be made in Britain. Treat your little one and invest in a chair that will last throughout their childhood and can even be passed down to your future children!