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Our Furniture Stands the Test of Time

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There’s nothing worse than buying a piece of furniture thinking it will last for years and then having to replace it months later. We all want the best quality for our kids, as well as something safe for them to use daily. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice longevity for the price, so at Just4Kids we’ve designed furniture that not only stands the test of time but is also great value for money.

Read on to learn more about how our furniture is long-lasting and the perfect investment for your family. By purchasing from us, you can have furniture that lasts right through your little one’s childhood and can even be passed on to your future grandchildren.

Perfect Gift to Last Through the Generations

Our furniture is handmade by us in our UK factories to a very high standard to ensure that it will last for many years to come. For example, for our Loose Cover Sofa and Chairs, we use a solid wooden frame, soft, flame resistant and comfy foam cushions and the best and most beautiful fabrics that are exclusive to us. We don’t want you to buy cheap furniture that you have to replace in a year, or worse still, that doesn’t comply with British Safety Laws but instead, get something long-lasting that is safe, well-made and designed by experts.

Because all of our products are designed and built to last a long time, it makes them the perfect gift that can be passed down through the generations. You can give a new chair to your daughter and in twenty years see her own children using it. As we sell new replacement covers for the chairs, you can completely change the look of them whenever you need to, giving them a new lease of life when you or your children pass them on.

Ideal Investment for New Parents

As we pride ourselves on creating the highest-quality furniture, we only use the best materials and take extra care hand making each piece. This makes our range the ideal investment for couples who want to ensure that their little one has the best of the best. Our products can also be used for all of your future children as they are built to last. One of our customers, Rhiannon, said that her loose-cover chair “is amazing for my large family! I have three children, and all of them have loved it. My youngest was always trying to climb up the sofa to sit with the big kids, but now he has somewhere safe to sit. We like to change covers when we decorate his room too.”

You might not know precisely how many children you want or when you’d want another, but having a robust chair like this is a worthwhile investment as it can last decades. 

Perfect Gift for Expectant Families

Learning your friend or family member is expecting can be some of the best news you will receive all year. But then the baby shower invitations are sent, and you are lost trying to think of the perfect gift to get them. You consider clothes, but everyone gets those, and the baby grows out of them in no time. What about bibs and bottles? The parents will already have plenty. So what can you get? 

At Just4KidZ, we have a wide range of pieces that can make the perfect baby shower present for your loved one. Most people get things for a newborn; however, getting something that works for an older child can be a great present that lasts. Our furniture is built to last for years, and with a vast array of designs, you can find something that would be perfect for the expectant parents and their child. Our Toy Boxes come in a range of fabrics and are the ideal size for storing bulky toddler toys, making them a great addition to any child’s bedroom or playroom. They have an upholstered fabric cover and a sturdy build, and when closed, it also makes a fantastic seat! With young children in mind, all the toy boxes have soft closing gas struts and a cutaway on the front, so that the new parents have peace of mind when their kids are rifling through their toys.

If you want to see our full range of children’s furniture, then head to the website here. We have lots of long-lasting furniture for you to choose from such as our headboards, the bed in a bag and loose-cover chairs and sofas.