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Building a Bedroom Cleaning Routine for Children

Cleaning bedroom routine

Getting your little one to tidy their room is one of every parents’ greatest struggles. Most children act like they are allergic to chores, so trying to get them to do something in the morning before they go to school or nursery can be a challenging task. But, there are so many benefits to getting your children into a routine where they wake up and tidy their room, like increased independence, pride in their bedroom and creating a sense of teamwork between siblings. So, trying to convince them that chores aren’t that bad is essential!

If you are having a hard time getting your kids to keep their room tidy, then read on for our top 3 tips. By taking our advice, you can soon see a change in the way that your children perceive cleaning.

Create a routine for your children

Like most things in life, if you want something to stick, then it is best to create a routine. Over time, tidying up becomes less like a chore and more like a regular part of their day – the same as brushing their teeth or getting dressed. Children love routines without even realising it. They might cry and moan about having to brush their teeth and go to bed, but if they were left to sort themselves out at night, they’d feel lost. They love the routine we as parents create for them as it gives them a structure to their day – like a safety blanket.

Having your child tidy their room is just another routine that you can ease them into liking to benefit them long term. Asking them to make their bed and clean their room before they leave for school is a great way to make them feel more awake and get them active. It’s a good habit that will even benefit them at school as they won’t feel too tired or lazy to focus on their school work. Start by asking them to make their bed before adding smaller tasks every few days like cleaning their pyjamas away or putting any books they read during the night back in the bookcase. They might kick up a fuss at the start, but by making sure that they do this every day, you can help them to fall into a positive routine that will stay with them into adulthood.

Make it fun for them

An easy way to encourage your children to tidy their room is by making it more fun. This can be done in many different ways and can help your little ones to feel more independent. Create a chore chart that they can tick off as they tidy their room in the morning. Or you could colour code their cleaning and get them to sort all their green toys and blue toys separately to make the morning more fun.

If you have two or more children, you can work on their teamwork skills by getting them to clean together. You can bring a bit of healthy competition into the morning chores by having them work against the clock together to see who can make their beds the quickest. By having your kids work together, you can help smooth over any arguments or issues they have with each other and get them used to working and playing together.

Create a room your child can be proud of

A great way to encourage your children to tidy their room is to get them to take pride in it. By creating a bedroom that fits their personality, has excellent furniture and beautiful decor, your little ones will want to keep it clean and beautiful. Invest in long-lasting, gorgeous furniture that will not only match the decoration of the room but your child’s personality as well.

At Just4Kidz, we have a wide range of furniture perfect for boys and girls that come in several wonderful fabrics, ranging from woodland animals to fairies and racing cars. These pieces are built to last, whether it is our headboard, toy box or loose-cover chair. This means that they will last throughout their childhood, and can even be passed down to other children. As your little ones grow older, you can change the fabric on our loose cover furniture to match their new room, helping them to love their bedroom and inspiring them to keep it clean.

To learn more about our business and check out our children’s furniture, head over to our website here. Getting your kids to keep their room tidy can be a difficult task, but by using our top tips above, they can make it into a happy routine in no time.